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The N.ests are handmade baskets in crochet, with an unusual material – Mason’s line.

This plastic string, with strong colors, it’s used by masons to line walls and sidewalks under construction. In Portugal it’s often used to make those beautiful sidewalks in black and white – Calçada Portuguesa.

You can use them everywhere and for all kind of things, jewelry storage, home decor or as a gift basket. It’s up to your imagination!


Basket size:
• Height ~ 9 cm
• Diameter ~ 15 cm
Due to the flexible materials and handmade work, minor deviations can happen.

Materials utilised

Plastic string / Mason’s line

Production method

Handmade crochet.

Customisation options

Available by order in sizes and colors of your choice. Please allow up to 7 days for this.